About Us

AFL Masters is Football for those players over 35 years of age who enjoy their footy and want to keep playing in a non-competitive environment.

Vic Country AFL Masters football clubs are located across the State. The most important aspect of our game is “FOOTBALL FOR FUN”. As such, Vic Country doesn’t play for points; have a ladder and/or finals.



The most important aspect of our game is that it is “FOOTBALL FOR FUN”

It is for this reason that there is no ladders, finals or best and fairest in Vic Country AFL Masters football.

  1. Egos are left to be left at home.
  2. We should recognize good performances and applaud the efforts of both teams and umpires.
  3. The game is played for fun and enjoyment by all.
  4. Disputing an umpire’s decisions or abuse of any umpires is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  5. On field and off field fighting, violence or bad language is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  6. Games Selection Criteria – We obviously need far more players to get through a season than can take the field at the start of any given match, and whilst every player will be given the chance to play, selection cannot help but be influenced by the following:
    1. paid membership
    2. attendance at training
    3. participation in club activities and duties
    4. willingness to travel to away games
  7. The above does not mean that players who cannot train or play regularly will be not welcomed and get a game, however they must be prepared to accept and understand our priorities, just as we understand that at our age there are a variety of factors that prevent some players being available each week.
  8. Notwithstanding point 6, every effort will be made to give all players equal time on the ground.
  9. Hospitality to visiting teams is very important. Every player is required to bring afternoon tea to all home games. As we partake of other team hospitality during out travels to away games, all players should recognize the importance of returning the favor.
  10. New players are always very welcome but should be made fully aware of the Philosophy and Code of Conduct and adhere to what is required of them as a representative of the club and AFL Masters.

Remember at our age, it is not how many games you win, but how many games you play. For this reason, we have modified rules and modified attitudes to playing in order to minimize the risk of injury and keep us enjoying our great game longer.